Tangeray Major

Lyrical Artist, Businessman, Philanthropist

Dewayne Springs, known as Tangeray or simply Tang, is a southern entrepreneur and innovator, splitting his time between “Chat-Lanta,” his home-base Chattanooga, TN and his adopted-base Atlanta, GA. Born on September 7, 1980, the organized Virgo ultimately spread his wings and soared high above his circumstances in the South…


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EARLY YEARS – Raised by his mother, Bonita Springs, and her husband, Edward Springs, Jr. (whom he admired as his Dad), Tang was introduced to church at a young age and joined the youth choir. He also participated in talent and fashion shows throughout the surrounding cities, showing his flair for entertainment. As the youngest of two brothers, Poncho and Mike, Tang learned to “maintain balance, never rely on anyone for self-worth or happiness, and always let the good outweigh the bad.”

Though Tang was estranged from his biological father, Yasmin “Cadillac Yak” Gipson (deceased), he inherited his engineering abilities and “major paper” mindset. He would disassemble items and quickly rebuild them. It was also natural for Tang to create opportunities for revenue, infusing the concept that “cash is king.”

By 10th grade, Tang grew tired of the monotony of textbook education. He dropped out of high school, gravitated to the streets, and pursued the marijuana industry. At only 16, Tang had established a constant flow of income. But, at 21, a marijuana conspiracy halted his stream of
revenue and robbed him of 10 years and 6 months of his adult life.

CAREER – Tang used his street knowledge and time spent incarcerated (where he obtained his
GED and construction license) to become legitimately business savvy. He started the
construction company, Neighborhood Improvement, buying, remodeling, and flipping residential homes with dreams of rebuilding his community.

After the loss of his “Dad” in 2018, Tang decided to take advantage of life’s opportunities by “expecting more than what others think is possible.” As CEO and founder of Major Paper Entertainment, named after his son, Major, and based in Chattanooga with branches in Atlanta,

Tang set out to change the media platform game through music, films, magazines, venues, and fashion. Though in its infancy, MP has invested top dollars in collaborating with untapped talent,
producers, directors, writers, promoters, and clothing designers worldwide. The first phase is the Online MP Store, selling urban wear and accessories. As a family man, Tang enjoys spending time with his son and 3 daughters.

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Tangeray Major

Featuring YFN Lucci

Hosted by Bigga Rankin


Tangeray Major

Featuring YFN Lucci

Hosted by Bigga Rankin